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An Official Partner of Rockschool UK Examinations

About Us

Established in 2018, The Music Shed is a contemporary music school based in Singapore, offering quality music education for children, teens, and adults. 


We provide music lessons and mentorship to students of all levels, preparing them to undergo accredited examinations recognised worldwide by Rockshool UK, Trinity Rock & Pop, ABRSM, and London College of Music.

At The Music Shed, we believe that learning music is like learning a second language. Our instructors ensure each student receives a holistic and comprehensive music education, advancing their skills with proper technique, aural skills, and music theory. 


Learning is fun, as we encourage students of all ages to express themselves creatively through contemporary music, providing them with abundant opportunities to perform, and further develop their confidence, craft, and artistry. 


Our Student Testimonials


We are a small business, privately owned and managed. Your support and encouragement means the world to us.

I had been attending electric guitar lessons at The Music Shed since September 2018. Justyn is great teacher who produces a relaxed atmosphere, making learning both easier and fun. He is flexible in his teaching approach and adapts to my learning ability and music interests. Bring along your favourite tracks he will teach you to play along! I would recommend The Music Shed to anyone without hesitation.

Royston Tan

Electric Guitar Student

I’ve been learning guitar for almost all my life. I’m a slow learner. I took classes at Music Shed and it has taught me to overcome many hurdles, from holding the guitar to music theory. But most inspiring of all, I have great fun and new knowledge in learning the guitar on hand taught by Justyn Kang, my teacher. From learning blues licks to contemporary music, he has lead me slowly but surely to improve my playing and knowledge of the guitar. I am thankful to The Music Shed for having a good and patient teacher to guide me through the course. I’m looking forward to the day I can play a song on my own with confidence as basically I’m a very shy person not a showman, and I am sure I can do it with Music Shed!

Davies Chia

Acoustic Guitar Student

Very patient and caring teacher who taught both. my boys drums. Very attentive in making sure they get the basics right. 10/10 would reccommend.

Jian Jie

Parent of two drum students aged 4 & 5

The lessons are well structured and cater to the learning pace and skill level of the student.

Tim, 41

Bass Guitar Student


I like The Music Shed and Joe!

Alexis, 6

Drum Student

When I first started to learn the guitar, it was hard for me and I didn’t try hard enough. I kept stopping when I played something wrong and lost my confidence in playing. My music teacher has helped me to make the notes familiar to me. He told me to have confidence in playing, so that I can achieve. He has a lot of confidence in me that I can do it. He is the best guitar tutor I can ever have!

Angelin G. B. 

Electric Guitar Student


I really love The Music Shed. It is a very comfortable environment and the teachers are super good! I have learned so much in the short time that I've  been here and look forward to learning more! (Also everyone is super duper friendly here :) ) 10/10

Kennedy, 13

Acoustic Guitar Student



  1. The teachers are great 

  2. Look supercool 

  3. Teaches all sorts of instruments

  4. Comforting environment

  5. Okay with mistakes

  6. Teaches very well

  7. Everyone is friendly

  8. Makes every lesson fun!

Cole, 11

Electric Guitar Student

Thor had his first drum lesson with Teacher Justin today and told me he enjoyed it very much because Teacher Justin was clear in guiding and made it fun!

Li Lian

Parent of drum student, age 8

Staff here are very friendly, and the teacher here made me even more interested in drums! 

Ethan, 17

Drum Student

Justyn is an Awesome coach, gives good instruction and inspires. Thoroughly enjoyed our session earlier today. I highly recommend The Music Shed.

Gail Tok

Electric Guitar Student

It's been really nice learning guitar here! My teacher was really encouraging and lessons were fun :-) Would love to keep coming!

Olivia Leong

Electric Guitar Student, age 15

The Music Shed is just the kind of music lessons that I was dreaming of. The teacher is so nice, the organization is just perfect! Everytime I come here, it gives me so much inspiration. Thank you so much for the joy you've been giving me!! :) 

Gabrielle Bech, 12

Piano Student

It's a fun environment to learn in, lessons are based on individual's progress, instructors I ensure I get it before moving forward. Thank you for helping me move forward and progress in playing the guitar after struggling to learn on my own for many years.

Michelle Kwong, 25

Guitar Student


Thank you so much to Angelina for your kind and patient teaching. You are very generous with your time and praise and I enjoy my lessons very much.

Nawa Rungrang, 6

Piano Student

Thank you for teaching my son gently. He is difficult age I believe. He enjoys playing ukulele.

Mr. Ishizuka

Parent of ukulele student Konosuke, age 6

Jia Ying's 1st music lesson. She enjoys and is always looking forward to her lesson week. 

Sheila Low

Parent of ukulele student Jia Ying, age 5

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