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1-1 trial lessons available for new students. Please call +65 8218 3890 to enquire.

Acoustic Guitar Course

Take it on the road. No plugs, no switches. Ready for a new best friend?

Interested in playing the acoustic guitar? Sign up for our one-on-one trial class today!


The Music Shed's guitar lessons in Singapore cater to everyone. Are you an experienced player of acoustic guitar? If yes, we would recommend private classes. For new learners, feel free to join a beginner's group class. Our group classes are kept small, with just up to 4 people, in order to allow greater personal attention for each student. 


Up for a challenge?

Take on the internationally recognised Rockschool syllabus, and allow our instructors to tutor you through grades debut to 8, and prep you to ace examinations like a champ. 

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Rockschool Acoustic Guitar Grades


  • Debut 

  • Grade 1

  • Grade 2

  • Grade 3

  • Grade 4

  • Grade 5

  • Grade 6

  • Grade 7

  • Grade 8


Trinity Guitar Grades


  • Initial 

  • Grade 1

  • Grade 2

  • Grade 3

  • Grade 4

  • Grade 5

  • Grade 6

  • Grade 7

  • Grade 8

Beach at Sunset

Beginner Techniques & Theory

  • Basic chords

  • Basic strumming patterns

  • Naturalize strumming and changing chords

  • How to use a guitar pick

  • How to read notations and TABS

  • How to use a capo

  • String muting technique

  • Major scale (1 & 2 octaves)

  • Introduction to rhythmic subdivisions

  • Basic theory on harmony (3 part chords)

  • Learn to read a basic lead sheet and chord diagrams

  • Develop basic fretboard memory (open strings to fret 6)

  • Introduction to guitar tone

  • Introduction to EQ

What do beginners learn in an acoustic guitar course?

Here's a brief overview of your guitar instructor's fundamentals!

Instrument Maintenance

  • Learn the anatomy of the guitar

  • Learn how to tune & string your guitar

  • Instrument do's and don'ts, basic instrument maintenance

Intermediate Techniques & Theory

  • Barre chords 

  • 4 Part Chords

  • Muted strums

  • Picking individual notes when playing chords

  • CAGED system

  • Minor scale (1 and 2 octaves)

  • Hammer-ons and Pull-offs

  • Harmonics

  • Bending

  • Alternate picking

  • Pentatonic scale (1st position)

  • Syncopated rhythms (dots and ties)

  • Intermediate theory on harmony (4 part chords)

  • Fundamentals of music notation

  • Cycle of fifths

  • Intermediate fretboard memory (7th to 12th fret)

  • Genre exploration

  • Guitar solo composition

Got Down the Basics in Acoustic Guitar? Discover What's Next in the Intermediate Level!

Explore genres, develop your knowledge in music theory, refine your playing technique, and learn to compose music.

Ear Training

  • Recognition of intervals

  • Recognition of chords

  • Recognition of rhythm

Advanced Techniques & Theory

  • All 7 positions on major and minor scales

  • Pentatonic and blues - all 5 positions

  • Guitar solo composition (advanced)

  • Picking dynamics and tone

  • Advanced theory on harmony (extended chords)

  • Music history and repertoire

  • Advanced fretboard memory (application and how to construct chords on the fly)

Elevate Your Skills: Embrace Our Advanced Syllabus for Shredding Maestros

Learn to be self-sufficient in a band and develop the ability to improvise, write music, create your rhythm, and perform.

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Ear Training

  • How to write your own lead sheet as a guitarist

  • How to transcribe and learn another guitarist's solo

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