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 Music Lessons for Kids

The Music Shed's 


aims to bring joy and laughter to children's lives through music

Designed to meet the learning needs of young children between ages 5-12, The Music Shed's fun-filled PLAYGROUND programme balances discipline with play, and focused learning with unbridled creativity. Our dedicated teachers have extensive experience in working with young children, helping them stay happy and engaged as they learn concepts in music theory and playing technique, while developing sense of pitch, timing, and rhythm. 


We also encourage our young students to express their musical preferences and learn to perform their favourite musical pieces, to keep music lessons fun and interesting. 

The benefits of learning music is endless!


Research has shown that music lessons are able to:

  • Improve focus and concentration

  • Uplift a child's moods

  • Relieve stress

  • Boost creativity

  • Improve memory and cognitive function

  • Cultivate the developing brain's neuroplasticity

Building a Solid Foundation

To ensure that every child reaches their fullest potential, The Music Shed's PLAYGROUND framework is designed to set a strong foundation in musical knowledge, proper technique, and aural skills, which are essential for early-age artistic and musical development. 


Each music lesson is tailored to fit each child's individual pace of learning, musical tastes, and artistry.




Core Focus

Learning Goals

5-7 years

  • Music Theory Fundamentals

  • Aural Training

  • Rhythm and Harmony

  • Listening and Keeping Time

  • Develop foundational understanding of practical music theory.

  • Develop aural skills

  • Develop coordination and fundamental technique

  • Perform music

7-12 years

  • Graded Music Theory

  • Aural Training 

  • Sight Reading

  • Genre Exploration

  • Examinations prep

  • Develop advanced music theory knowledge

  • Refine playing skills and technique

  • Develop awareness of different musical styles and genres

  • Perform different genres of music

  • Expand on skills and technique required to execute different musical styles.


Syllabuses & Examinations Offered


Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I find the class schedules?


We do not have any fixed class schedules. Simply let us know your preferred days and times, and we will arrange for a time slot accordingly.

Does my child need any music learning experience to start classes?


Students can start classes without any prior experience, and at any level if they have received music lessons before.

Our music instructors will be able to asses each child's learning needs based on their understanding of theory, and playing skills.

Does we need to bring anything to attend classes?


No, students do not need to bring anything. The Music Shed is equipped with music instruments to meet any learner's needs. However if you have a personal instrument of choice, such as a favourite guitar or ukulele, please feel free to bring it to class.

Course Registration

Email us at for enquiries and bookings.

You can also WhatsApp us at +65 8218 3890 for immediate assistance.

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