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1-1 trial lessons available for new students. Please call +65 8218 3890 to enquire.

Learn Guitar in Singapore


Why Choose Our Guitar Lessons?

At The Music Shed, we take immense care in offering guitar lessons that stand out for quality and personalised approach. Our music school’s guitar instructors are not only seasoned musicians but also skilled educators who are committed to nurturing talents. Holding certifications in the arts and music sector, some of them have collaborated with MOE, conducting workshops and mentoring students in primary and secondary schools while others have gained exposure performing professionally in both private and public venues. People of all ages can attend our guitar lessons and learn how to play the guitar at our convenient locations. 

Types of Guitar Lessons We Offer

The guitar has been attracting people from different generations, so it is no surprise it has become one of the most popular instruments to play and learn. Guitar lessons can be broadly categorised into two main types: acoustic guitar lessons and electric guitar lessons. Each type has its own set of techniques, styles, and considerations. Here's an overview of each:


Acoustic Guitar:

Our acoustic guitar lessons focus on producing rich, resonant sounds without the aid of amplification. Playing acoustic guitars helps you master the fingerpicking techniques, chord progressions, and melodic intricacies unique to this musical instrument. Given that most acoustic guitars have a hollow body, every strum transmits a vibration, which produces an acoustic sound and soothing tones in the air. 


We have experienced acoustic guitar instructors who will guide you through the journey of becoming proficient acoustic guitarist.

Electric Guitar:

In electric guitar lessons, mastering power chords become a fundamental skill that electrifies musical expressions because an electric guitar requires softer strumming to produce pleasing sounds unless it has a distortion amplifier attached. People who plan to learn how to play an electric guitar should master the basics of strumming patterns.


Our skilled instructors will help you harness the potential of the electric guitar and guide you through its nuances to bring electrified music to life. 


Bass Guitar:

Elevate your bass playing with our comprehensive bass guitar lessons! From mastering fundamental techniques like hand positioning and fretting to crafting captivating bass lines across genres, The Music Shed has you covered. With our bass guitar lessons, you will learn about the fundamentals of rhythm, scales, and improvisation while also learning about how to maintain your bass guitar for the best possible sound. 


Whether you are a beginner or looking to refine your skills, our bass guitar lessons provide the perfect harmony of learning and musical expression.

Our Approach to Teaching Guitar

At The Music Shed, our teaching philosophy centres on creating a solid foundation while nurturing creativity. Our music school believes in the strike balance between music theory and hands-on practice of guitar lessons learned each session. 


We guarantee to offer a step-by-step curriculum that beginners can follow as they gradually progress more to advanced guitar techniques, making the process of learning more enjoyable and effective.


Frequently Asked Questions About Guitar Lessons

How much does it cost to learn guitar in Singapore?

The average cost of guitar lessons in Singapore is between 200 SGD to 350 SGD per month. However, the expense of learning guitar can vary widely depending on several factors, such as the type of guitar lessons, the instructor's experience, the duration and number of sessions and whether you choose group or private guitar lessons.


At The Music Shed, new students can give our 1-1 trial guitar lesson in Singapore. 


Can I learn guitar in 3 months?

Yes, it is possible to learn how to play the guitar in 3 months but to achieve this, you have to exert more time and effort in your guitar lessons and practice hours. 


What is the best age for guitar lessons?

The earlier, the better because children learn new skills and knowledge much faster than adults. If you notice your child is expressing a strong interest in guitar, children as young as 3.5 years old can attend guitar lessons and learn how to play the guitar at our music school. 


Is it worth paying for guitar lessons?

Yes, but it highly depends on a person’s goal, commitment, and financial situation. 


Does learning the guitar in a group setting save you more money?

Taking guitar lessons as a group can potentially help you save more money than a private guitar session. At The Music Shed, we limit the number of students to 4 individuals per group to provide greater attention. 


Does learning guitar improve memory?

Yes, learning to play the guitar can have a positive impact on memory and cognitive functions because an individual will develop proper coordination, pattern recognition, spatial awareness, and emotional engagement with the crowd simultaneously. 


What is the fastest way to learn guitar?

Never-ending practice. Mastering how to play the guitar does not happen overnight. You can build your guitar skills by learning songs. 


What is the first step to learning guitar?

Become knowledgeable about the basic components of a guitar, like most musical instruments, from chords to proper fingerpicking. 


Is it better to start with an electric or acoustic guitar?

It depends on personal preferences, but acoustic guitars are easier to understand even though playing them is more challenging because it has no wires or dials. Most guitarists, however, own both types of guitar throughout their musical journey. 


What do I need to know before my first guitar lesson?

There are three things you need to take note of:

  • Familiarity with your chosen guitar,

  • Being patient with yourself,

  • And have fun learning!

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