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Our Instructors


Justyn Kang


With over a decade of teaching experience under his belt, Justyn has taught students from the ages of 4 to age 72. His guitar teaching experience includes conducting MOE workshops in Primary and Secondary schools, teaching inmates at Tanah Merah Prison, and teaching special-needs students with autism and physical disabilities. 


A music graduate from LASALLE College of the Arts, Justyn is passionate about teaching music, and to date has produced a 100% distinction rate for all his students graded examinations.

Beyond the Classroom

Justyn has played professionally for studio recordings, nightclubs, private functions, and MediaCorp events. He is the guitarist behind the official soundtracks for Vasantham television shows Vettai 3, and Ragasiyam.

Angelina Hayley.JPG

Angelina Ang

Vocals & Keys

A First Class Honours in Music graduate from LASALLE College of the Arts, Angelina is largely influenced by pop, rock and musical theatre and has been teaching since 2017.


Her classes are tailored to suit the styles and interests of each of her students. While guiding her students to develop their technique and performance skills, she also encourages her students to explore diverse contemporary genres. Angelina has taught students from as young as 4 to senior adults. 


A highly versatile teacher, Angelina encourages her students to explore diverse contemporary genres.

Beyond the Classroom

Angelina has performed for events such as Halogen Foundation’s National Young Women Leaders’ Day, and the Singapore Association for Counselling's annual counselling symposium.  

She composes her own original music, and was commissioned by the Executive Counselling Training Academy (ECTA) to write a song to inspire and encourage those suffering from mental health issues. 

Richie Yeo.png

Richie Yeo

Vocals & Sing and Strum

Receiving his first taste of formal music education aged 17, Richie understands what it’s like to start learning about music at a relatively later age and believes that instructors must adapt to each student and learn how to extract meaningful development for the unique individual student.


Having graduated with a Diploma in Music & Audio Technology from Singapore Polytechnic in 2016, Richie is knowledgable about various aspects of the music industry such as performance, recording, mixing and songwriting. He has also been performing as a singer/acoustic guitarist at various live venues in Singapore with a residency at KPO Café Bar in 2014 and other nightlife establishments such as Acid Bar and Merdandy Bar & Cafe.


Richie is also an independent artist and released an EP of original music in 2022.

Emmanuel Pang.png

Emmanuel Pang


At the tender age of 3, Emmanuel was inspired by his father's bandmate and a friend of his from the early '90s who played the drums.  From the age of 6, Emmanuel started his journey as a musician and played in a band with his father up until the present time. This sparked an interest to play music in him ever since. Emmanuel's musical journey began when his musician family members piqued his interest in pursuing music. Emmanuel has been heavily influenced and grew up listening to artists like Chaka Khan, The Marcus Miller Project, George Duke, Fourplay and Toto from the early '90s to the present. 


Over the years, Emmanuel has explored many musical genres including Latin, Gospel, Fusion, Rock, Pop, Jazz, Metal and Indie. A drum major from LASALLE College of the Arts, he has considerable experience in the local music scene.


Emmanuel has experience working with students of all ages, from as young as 4 years old. He ensures a comprehensive lesson for his students, treating the art as a form of language.

Wee Yi Xun.jpeg

Wee Yi Xun


Having majored in Drums and graduated from LASALLE College of the Arts, Yi Xun is well versed in various genres. He is most passionate about Jazz Fusion and Funk music, wherein he draws inspiration from many great, influential drummers, such as Larnell Lewis, Yussef Dayes and Corey Fontville.


Yi Xun is also a MOE certified instructor currently mentoring students in Primary and Secondary School Bands.


Yi Xun has also performed in a number of venues such as Origin Bar in Shangri-La Hotel and Level Up at Clarke Quay, and music festivals like LASALLE Rock and Indie Festival, Ignite Music Festival 2022 at Republic Polytechnic and Baybeats 2022.

Darrill Chan_edited.jpg

Darrill Chan


Darrill began his musical journey since 7 with the electric organ, before picking up the drums when he was 13. Graduating from Singapore Polytechnic with a Diploma in Music and Audio Technology, he is influenced by mandopop, rock and pop-punk and has experience in production, performance and artist management. 

With the goal of helping students realise and expand their capabilities, Darrill enables his students to understand the instrument and build on a solid foundation of technique and music theory. He takes pride in making lessons engaging, enriching and memorable.

Besides playing the drums, Darrill is also a lyricist, helps various artists with management and music distribution, while being active in the live performance scene as a keyboardist-singer.

Joel Lee.jpeg

Joel Lee


Joel started his musical journey at the age of 13 in a symphonic band, and began to develop a strong liking for improvised music and African American Ethnic music. His influences are the great jazz giants, from old cats such as Philly Joe Jones, Elvin Jones, Jimmy Cobb, all the way to modern revolutionary jazz drummers such as Lawrence Leathers and Marcus Gilmore. 


He strongly believes in the growth of a person through art & music and how there is a correlation between our lives and music. He aims to share this musical experience with those around him and walk this journey together with them.

Eugene Png.png

Eugene Png

Piano & Keys

A graduate from LASALLE College of the Arts with a major in Composition, Eugene is an eclectic musician who draws inspiration from and performs many different kinds of music. His compositions use a wide variety of styles as well as instrumentations.


Eugene studied as an organist for 8 years, after which he turned his attention to the piano/keyboard, which he has now been playing for 12 years.


Aside from teaching, Eugene sings and performs in church as well as works with an a cappella group as an arranger and bass vocalist. Eugene also composes in his free time. Some of his upcoming projects include an album of instrumental jazz fusion and R&B.


Nur Istiqamah


A graduate of LASALLE College of the Arts majoring in Classical Music Performance, Isti is a versatile musician who engages in a wide range of genres ranging, from electronic experimental to rock, as well as classical. Apart from being a classical pianist, she also plays as a keyboardist with bands such as “Ailes” and “Kiss Me Juliet”.


She aspires to instil an appreciation of music in her students, as well as support each students' artistic expression throughout their academic journey.

Beyond the classroom, Isti's goals include contributing to music therapy research and documenting the psychological impacts of sounds in the future. She can offer classes in English, Bahasa Indonesia, and Malay.

Beyond the Classroom

Isti participated in the 3rd Overseas Performers' Festival (2019) winning the Gold Award, The Musique Loft Overseas Performers' Festival: Performance Gala (2019) in Taiwan winning the Star Award, and the Young Composers Challenge (2017).


Her performing experience includes the LaSalle Constellation Concert (2019), which featured classical piano masterworks spanning from the Baroque era to the 21st century, the Alexandra Hospital Performing Series (2018), Ross Carey's Infinite Songs Variations at the Twinkle Premier Concert (2018), and Singapore Management University’s Starry Nite (2017) concert.

WhatsApp Image 2023-06-15 at 15.01.49.jpeg

Nakano Kenji


Nakano Kenji is a musician based in Singapore who specialises in the electric and double bass. He has worked with local veteran musicians including Tan Wei Xiang, Soh Wen Ming, Nicole Duffell, Alemay Fernandez, Louis Soliano and Jeremy Monteiro. Additionally, he has also worked with international acts, such as Alex Sipiagin and Sharik Hasan, among others.

As a part of the Mosaic Jazz Fellows, a local jazz mentorship programme hosted by Esplanade, Kenji was under the tutelege of renowned musicians Chok Kerong, Joshua Wan, Andrew Lim and Tony Makarome in 2016.

Kenji has since been performing at both private events and public venues, including Blu Jaz Café, Maduro, Cool Cats, The Esplanade, the NaJonal Gallery Singapore and many others.

Sean Seow.png

Sean Seow


Sean started his guitar playing journey at the tender age of 10, growing up with the exposure to various musical genres such as classic rock, metal and blues.


Drawing inspiration from his guitar heroes, it drove him to attain distinctions in both classical and electric guitar graded examinations. His rich background in the discipline, patience and encouraging teaching methods gives him the edge to enrich the lives of young guitarists as well as adult learners.


Beyond the classroom, Sean spends his evenings improving upon his guitar abilities while also discovering multiple types of artistries ranging from conceptual art to fashion.

Zachary Loo.png

Zachary Loo


WIth more than 12 years of experience, Zachary is an experienced  and MOE-AMIS endorsed instructor who teaches all types of guitar - electric, acoustic, classical and bass. He is experieced in all levels and most styles and genres, such as diverse as Bossa Nova, Bollywood and Kpop.


Growing up on the usual diet of rock, metal and praise 'n worship, he was introduced to musicology during his university days, piquing his long term interest in local music from all around the world, as well as music history and theory.


Beyond the classroom, he fixes and modifies guitars and arranges music for solo guitar.

Reuel Poh.png

Reuel Poh


A guitar major from LASALLE College of The Arts, Reuel was first exposed to the guitar through his church where he learnt and played for his cell group meeting. He was given the opportunity to play for Hope Church Singapore's worship team and eventually, the responsibility to lead the band.


His experience and knowledge in the field allows him to improve his students theory and abilities, maximising their potential in music. Reuel hopes to inspire and give youths opportunity to pick up the guitar.


Beyond the classroom, Reuel conducts guitar workshops in church and hopes to guide newer musicians in the worship team to be a better band mate and musician.

Daryl Khoo.png

Daryl Khoo


Since picking up the guitar 12 years ago, Daryl has been relentless in his pursuit of improving his skills on the instrument. Daryl graduated with a Bachelor's degree in music from LASALLE College of the Arts, majoring in jazz performance.


Aside from teaching, Daryl is a session guitarist who has worked with several Singaporean artists at venues and festivals such as Singapore Night Festival. Daryl enjoys playing R&B, pop and acoustic folk music and is currently performing regularly in the nightlife music scene.


Daryl enjoys analysing, teaching and explaining concepts about guitar and music. He is a music nerd and loves it when students come to lessons with a desire to discover more about music.

Chloe Lee.png

Chloe Lee

Guitar & Ukulele

A graduate of Singapore Polytechnic’s Music and Audio Technology, Chloe draws inspiration from an array of musical genres including, pop, indie and rock.


Chloe took her musical journey seriously at age 13, where she started out with playing the acoustic guitar and singing. After getting her first ever electric guitar, she never stopped playing and is constantly growing as a musician. She hopes to inspire other young aspiring musicians through her teaching.


Beyond the classroom, Chloe is an indie-pop artist who goes by the stage name, ‘chloeindenial’. She had recently released her debut single “Wannabe”, which is out on all major streaming platforms. Chloe also produces and arranges music, having done music for the upcoming Mediacorp web series, “Big Brains”.

Chow Cheng Yang.jpeg

Chow Cheng Yang


Ever since he first picked up the guitar at the age of 10, Cheng Yang has grown a deep curiosity regarding how music works. Over the years, he has explored a multitude of genres, from jazz to classic rock. He continues to delve into a variety of music, and seeks to keep learning and growing as a musician.


Cheng Yang hopes to inspire his students to play the music they love and grow as their own musicians. Outside of the classroom, he has played in venues including Blu Jaz and Maduro.

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