Our Instructors


'It is through my craft that I can make a difference to the lives of my students, and at the same time give back to society.'

Justyn Kang

Guitar Instructor

With over a decade of teaching experience under his belt, Justyn has taught students from the ages of 4 to age 72. His guitar teaching experience includes conducting MOE workshops in Primary and Secondary schools, teaching inmates at Tanah Merah Prison, and teaching special-needs students with autism and physical disabilities. 


A music graduate from LaSalle College of the Arts, Justyn is passionate about teaching music, and to date has produced a 100% distinction rate for all his students graded examinations.

Beyond the Classroom

Justyn has played professionally for studio recordings, nightclubs, private functions, and MediaCorp events. He is the guitarist behind the official soundtracks for Vasantham television shows Vettai 3, and Ragasiyam.


' find beauty and meaning in all genres of music.'

Zacharie Pang

Guitar & Ukulele Instructor

A music graduate from Lasalle College of The Arts with a Diploma in Music, Zacharie Pang is a popular session guitarist among local musicians and artists, known for his talent and versatility in the Singapore music scene. 

He teaches advanced-level guitar, as well as absolute beginners. His students range from children as young as 5 years old, teens, and working adults. 

Zacharie encourages students to explore diverse musical styles and contemporary genres, providing them with a structured learning process, which helps them to focus on smaller technical aspects of playing in order to better accomplish larger objectives and playing goals.

Beyond the Classroom

Zacharie has performed as a session guitarist for local artists such as Maricelle, Daniel Sid, Circo, and Dansen John at the Esplanade Outdoor Theatre. He remains active in the Singapore live music scene, performing for prominent art events such as the Neon Lights Festival at Gardens by the Bay, and the annual Singapore Night Festival.


Emmanuel Pang

Drum Instructor

At the tender age of 3, Emmanuel was inspired by his father's bandmate and a friend of his from the early '90s who played the drums.  At the age of 6, Emmanuel started his journey as a musician and played in a band with his father up until the present time. This sparked an interest to play music in him ever since. Emmanuel's musical journey began when his musician family members piqued his interest in pursuing music. Emmanuel has been heavily influenced and grew up listening to artists like Chaka Khan, The Marcus Miller Project, George Duke, Fourplay and Toto from the early '90s to the present. 


Over the years, Emmanuel has explored many musical genres including Latin, Gospel, Fusion, Rock, Pop, Jazz, Metal and Indie. A drum major from LASALLE's College of the Arts, Emmanuel has gained experience in the local music scene. He had experiences working with students of all ages, from as young as 4 years old. 


Personally trained and groomed by Justyn, Emmanuel ensures a comprehensive lesson, treating the art as a form of language. Emmanuel aims to share his love of music and expand his musical knowledge. He hopes his teaching and musical journey will expand his philosophies in music.


Enya Lim

Vocal Instructor

A graduate from Berklee College of Music, with a major in Vocal Performance and a minor in Music Technology, Enya teaches voice at The Music Shed.


Her students range from young children, to working adults. Vibrant and engaging, Enya's lessons are fun and stimulating. Her coaching focuses on having students understand their physiology, including posture and breath support practice and articulation mechanisms.


Ultimately, she aims to help singers to develop and refine their own vocal styles.

Beyond the Classroom

Enya has 12 years of stage performing experience, and counts Boston Symphony Hall, Carnegie Hall, and Madison Square Garden among the stages she has graced. She has performed at numerous international festivals, and countries in Southeast Asia. Enya has shared the stage with two-time Grammy winner, Jacob Collier, and Wang Lee Hom.

An upcoming singer-songwriter, her original music is published on Spotify, Apple music, Google Play, and Amazon music. Enya also holds a degree in Political Science from the National University of Singapore.


Chester Eu

Bass Instructor

Chester Eu is a 15-year veteran of the Singapore music scene. Inspired by a constant dose of MTV, he started his music career at 14 years of age as a vocalist, picking up the bass guitar soon after.

Chester holds a BA (Hons) in Music from  from LaSalle ​College of Arts. He teaches bass guitar and provides band mentorship exclusively at The Music Shed.

Beyond the Classroom

Chester spent his early music career writing music and playing in punk rock bands. He currently plays bass, and does backup vocals in his band Sensorial, and punk rock trio, Take-Off.


Chester also manages local acts, does studio production, and arrangement work, curates shows, and does freelance backline and sound work. With his outstanding genre versatility, he sessions on bass for a number of local artists.

angelina lasalle headshot.jpeg

Angelina Hayley Ang

Vocal & Keys Instructor

A highly versatile teacher, Angelina encourages her students to explore diverse contemporary genres. Her students range from children as young as 4 years old to senior adults.


Largely influenced by pop, rock, and musical theatre, her voice classes are tailored to suit the styles and interests of each of her students, as she helps them develop their vocal technique and performance skills.


Angelina has been teaching since 2018, and has coached children and adults of all ages. She graduated from Lasalle College of the Arts, with a First Class Honours Degree in Music.

Beyond the Classroom

Angelina has performed for events such as Halogen Foundation’s National Young Women Leaders’ Day, and the Singapore Association for Counselling's annual counselling symposium.  

She composes her own original music, and was commissioned by the Executive Counselling Training Academy (ECTA) to write a song to inspire and encourage those suffering from mental health issues. 

Angelina aspires to write more music, and to further her studies in music therapy. 


Nur Istiqamah

Piano Instructor

A graduate of LaSalle College of the Arts majoring in Classical Music Performance, Isti's classical influences include Jean Sibelius, and Aram Khachaturian.


She hopes to cultivate passion and appreciation for classical music among her students, and to encourage each individual's artistic expression during their learning journeys.

Currently pursuing a degree in Psychology, Isti aspires to contribute to music therapy research, and to document the psychological effects of music. She is able to fluently conduct classes in English, Bahasa Indonesia, and Malay.

Beyond the Classroom

Isti participated in the 3rd Overseas Performers' Festival (2019) winning the Gold Award, The Musique Loft Overseas Performers' Festival: Performance Gala (2019) in Taiwan winning the Star Award, and the Young Composers Challenge (2017).


Her performing experience includes the LaSalle Constellation Concert (2019), which featured classical piano masterworks spanning from the Baroque era to the 21st century, the Alexandra Hospital Performing Series (2018), Ross Carey's Infinite Songs Variations at the Twinkle Premier Concert (2018), and Singapore Management University’s Starry Nite (2017) concert.


"I hope to use music as a tool to ignite creativity in people's minds and inspire generations."

Justin Lu

Drums & Percussions Instructor

With over 7 years of teaching experience under his belt, Justin's students range from age 3 to age 60. An MOE-AMIS, NAC-AEP endorsed instructor, he has taught at over 20 primary and secondary schools across Singapore and has experience in teaching special needs children with autism and ADHD. 


Apart from the playing the drums, Justin beatboxes and plays the cajon, guitar, and ukulele. His approachable nature, passion, and dedication inspires his students, keeping them constantly motivated to improve.

A graduate from the School of Audio Engineering, he holds a Grade 8 Drums (Distinction) from Trinity Rock & Pop, and a certificate of Teaching and Learning from Nanyang Technological University. 

Beyond the Classroom

A budding songwriter, and music producer, Justin is co-founder and drummer of local Rock and Roll band The Pepper Tree. In 2018, the band won the National Park Live Out Loud Battle of the Bands championship.

When he isn't teaching, Justin can be seen performing at local music festivals and events, such as the Rockestra 2018 and 2019 Concert Series presented by NParks, PlayLah! 2017, Swaggout 4 and Cafe Festival 2014.


Samuel Venditti

Bass Instructor

A graduate from Lasalle College of the Arts with a Diploma in Music, Samuel was mentored by bassist Christy Smith, with whom he shares a similar love and passion for performing and writing music.


At The Music Shed, Samuel teaches mainly teens and adults, with students ranging from complete beginners to advanced players. His lessons are fun and engaging, with creative exercises and structured lesson planning. 

A highly versatile bass player, Samuel encourages his students to explore and play a wide variety of music genres.

Beyond the Classroom

When he isn't teaching, Samuel performs onstage alongside a number of local artists and bands, most notably Marian Carmel, Krysta Joy, Your Friend, and The Cosmic Owls. He can also be seen playing bass at numerous local festivals and music events, such as the Singapore Night Festival, The Great Singapore Replay, i Light SingaporePrudential Carnival, and Beerfest Asia.


While serving his National Service, Samuel participated in the Music and Drama Company unit, where he was part of the Diatonics string ensemble, performing for foreign militaries and the Singapore Armed Forces.


'I love helping upcoming drummers "march to their own beat" - and this means applying their own styles to complement the song as well as the band.'

Josh Symons

Drum & Percussions Instructor

Growing up in a family of musicians, Josh started playing music at the age of 5 and performing at age 13. As a boy he taught percussions in school as a section leader, winning several gold medals participating in military and concert band competitions across Singapore and Australia.


Whilst he believes it is important to have technical knowledge, it is equally important for drummers to learn to listen to what's going on in the performance, and then apply their heart and soul to ensure every part and musician shines. This he feels, is what makes great drummers stand out. 

Beyond the Classroom

Josh can be found onstage drumming alongside prominent local music talents like Paul Danial, Vannessa Barker, Surath Godfrey, Wayne Sandz, and saxophonist Benson Kong. He has also been a drummer and backing vocalist for popular local band Gypsy, alongside Mel and Joe Ferdinands.


You can find him rocking out in local events such as the Wicked Wallop, Beer Fest Asia, and other local bars and entertainment venues. In recent years, Josh helped to form The Souls of Singapore, playing '60s and '70s style northern soul music.


Outside the Singapore music scene, Josh has toured the region performing in Thailand, Indonesia, and Malaysia.