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1-1 trial lessons available for new students. Please call +65 8218 3890 to enquire.

Cajon Lessons

"Practice from the head, play from the heart."

-Brendan Jones

A drum, a stand, and seat, all in one convenient box, the Afro-Peruvian Box drum, also known as the cajon, is one of the most popular percussion instruments in the world today. Incredibly versatile in various genres of music, it is especially popular in folk music, jazz, blues, and rock. The cajon is also a staple instrument in Brazilian samba and Spanish flamenco.


Don't just learn to play the cajon. Master it! Despite its simple appearance, there is a huge variety of hand, finger, and even foot techniques to learn and develop.

Curious to know what it's actually like to play the cajon? Pop by our studio for a 1-1 trial class.


Jam With Us!

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