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Online Music Lessons

In response to the COVID-19 lockdown, The Music Shed has transitioned to online music lessons in order to allow our students to continue to progress musically. We are pleasantly surprised to discover that our students are practicing harder than ever, during this #StayHome period and improving rapidly!

Encouraged by positive feedback, we are now extending our online music classes to everyone, and not just our existing students. Now anyone can experience fun and engaging music lessons in the comfort of their home environment. 

Learn Music at Home - Online

Already own an instrument? Improve your skills on the piano, drum, and guitar, and learn to play your favourite contemporary pieces with expert guidance from our music instructors. If you love singing, give our fun-filled voice training lessons a try!


The Music Shed provides students with a comprehensive music syllabus in order to build a strong music foundation, and proper technique development. You can expect to receive supportive learning materials such as notes, and online-access to e-portals to guide you in your learning journey. 


Each class is conducted via video call.


Learn from the comfort and safety of home

Available Online Courses

Syllabuses & Examinations Offered


Frequently Asked Questions

Are Online Lessons better than Physical Lessons?


Physical lessons can be a source of motivation to learn, and teachers may be able to monitor and analyse students' posture and mistakes at a close range. However with careful lesson planning and high speed internet connection, students should be able to learn as efficiently online as they do in a classroom environment. Learning online enables you to undergo lessons at home, eliminating travel time from your schedule.

Does my child need any music learning experience to start classes?


Students can start classes without any prior experience, and at any level if they have received music lessons before. Our music instructors will be able to asses each child's learning needs based on their understanding of theory, and playing skills.

What do I need for my online classes?


A stable internet connection, either a computer (recommended) or a tablet, your instrument, and a notepad for taking notes.

How do I pay for classes?

You can pay for your classes via PayNow or bank transfer.

Course Registration

Email us at for enquiries and bookings. 

You can also WhatsApp us at +65 82183890 for immediate assistance.

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