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3 Benefits of Learning an Instrument

3 Benefits of Learning an Instrument

There is a great deal to be said about learning a musical instrument and the advantages it provides. Exposure to music and taking up a musical instrument enriches our personal lives and well-being in ways that many of us would never have dreamed imaginable.

Without further ado, let’s look at some of the various benefits that learning a musical instrument imparts.

Stress Management

Many studies have been conducted on the possibilities of stress relief through music. Today, the evidence is overwhelmingly clear: playing a musical instrument offers an outlet for stress reduction by decreasing one’s anxiety levels and increasing an individual’s capacity for emotional regulation.

Engaging with music via any instrument provides refuge for an emotionally troubled mind. When one focuses on the playing of the instrument, mental energy which would otherwise have been spent on negative thoughts is expended. Even if only for a few moments, music can serve as a tremendous relief to those experiencing severe stress.

Image of music in the brain

Cognitive Development

Many of us have heard stories of the “tiger parents” who force their children to take music lessons because “it makes them smarter”. While we may disagree with this approach, there is now ample evidence showing that those parents may have been on to something.

Cognitive skill development can be facilitated with the aid of music. Musicians enjoy enhanced pitch discrimination, selective attention, and auditory memory. Through such improvements, the network of neural structures is engaged more effectively. Additionally, the brains of those who have been exposed to music have increased plasticity. The greater the plasticity of the brain, the more ably and appropriately the nervous system responds to various stimuli.

When magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) scans are conducted on the brains of those with musical experience, the increased connectivity of the brain’s motor (used for planning and executing voluntary movements) and multi-sensory areas (used for touch, sight, hearing, smell, and taste) can be seen. This leads to greater effectiveness when carrying out cognitive tasks.

Illustration of social media’s critical role in the music industry

Fostering Social Connections

Those who play any instrument gain access to a method by which social connections can be fostered. Such connections can be made at the most basic of levels - within the confines of a music school. Attend any music school in Singapore and you’ll have the chance to interact with fellow music enthusiasts no matter what instrument they may play.

When you decide to branch out beyond the music school itself, you can consider exploring the prospect of collaborating with fellow practitioners of your instrument or venturing into the formation of a band. This takes the social benefits of playing an instrument to a new level - one at which the creation of music itself serves as the foundation of new social bonds.

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